Physicool Cooling Travel Spray

The Physicool Cooling Travel Spray (100 ml)  provides fresh relief for the hottest day. It rapidly cools skin and heat-based skin-irritations. The Physicool Cooling Travel Spray is able to instantly provide clinically proven, long-lasting relief.

The powerful and effective coolant rapidly reduces skin temperature, instantly relieving irritation and itching.

Key Features of our Physicool Cooling Travel Spray

  • Cools & Refreshes (Prickly heat) – Our cooling travel sprays provides instant cooling effect, relieve  pain and irritation skin have due to hot weather.
  • Soothe Sunburn & Minor Burn – Physicool Cooling Travel Spray lowers the temperature of the skin and underlying tissue. This cooling effect numbs the nerve endings making our product an effective pain relief spray due to sunburn.
  • Treat Stings & Bites – The cooling properties of our products work instantaneously, giving immediate pain relief for mosquito  and insects bites .


  • Spray the affected area with 4+ pumps
  • Allow spray to evaporate and cool
  • For best results leave skin uncovered
  • Re-apply as needed


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